Governing Principles

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Major Goal: To follow gospel centered principles that will promote vision, unity, and communication among current and future family members and visitors for the stewardship of our inheritance which was given to us by Jesse and Lilith Wilson for our “perpetual enjoyment and improvement.”

Following principles will help prevent problems for ourselves, our children and our posterity

I. Everyone Contributes: “…everyone should make it a matter of pride to be a producer and not a consumer alone.” (Wilford Woodruff; Oct 1887 General Conference))

  • Participation in a work project or canyon beautification and preservation is strongly encouraged on each visit.
  • When ranch projects are scheduled, participation is critical to their success. In-so-far-aspossible, each family including second and third generation will participate in at least one scheduled work project per year. Where distance or scheduling is a problem help in some way when you do visit.
  • Families may choose an area or project (Ranch or HOA) for which your family will be responsible to accomplish or maintain.
  • Visitors such as scout, youth or reunion groups should provide a meaningful service project while on the premises. (Ideas for projects can be obtained from ranch manager, board members, listed in emails, on and at the end of this document.)

II. Stewardship: “And whoso is found a faithful, a just, and a wise steward shall enter into the joy of his Lord, and shall inherit eternal life.” (D&C 51:19)

A.  A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Maintain and upkeep premises. Boneyard is a storage place used with approval.

B.  If you break something, you are responsible to repair it. If you find it broken and can repair it, please do so. Otherwise report it. If you use something, maintain it and put it back.

C.  Bathhouse:

  1. Any family or group visiting the canyon that utilizes the bathhouse should leave it clean. Any problems or broken fixtures should be repaired as quickly as possible by those responsible or make arrangements to have the work done. Report any problems you can’t fix.
  2. Maintain firewood and cleanup around bathhouse. Bring and store only clean, chopped, stacked wood to shower house. Woods other than this are contributing to insect and rodent problems.
  3. Those planning to use bathhouse should supply it with paper goods, toiletries, cleaning supplies, rodent control poison, remove personal items and clean it after use.
  4. Rules for proper user of Geronimo will be posted by it and must be followed. (Things like valves, winterizing, ashes, etc.)
  5. Winterizing of the bathhouse, bowery taps, and camping taps is in effect from October 1st to May 1st and will be done by overseer. Anyone using the bathhouse outside those dates must have knowledge of winterizing and be responsible for its use.
  6. Doors must be kept closed for rodent control.

D. Bowery:

1. Barbeque outside the bowery in order to avoid grease stains on the concrete.

2. After using the Bowery: Clean the tables. Sweep or spray the concrete.

3. Rocks surrounding bowery area are placed to designate non-usage by vehicles. Do not disregard this boundary with vehicles or camp trailers.

4. Tent camping is approved inside the perimeter if your family is the only family group present at the canyon and no one else is scheduled to come.

E. Safety measures should be followed in all activities such as ATV’s, water slide, pond, fires, work projects, etc.

F. Follow sound financial management.

1. Obtain approval from WCA Executive Board prior to incurring expenses for which you expect reimbursement.

2. Establish Uniform system for financing reunions.

G. Trash: All trash shall be kept in rodent proof containers and taken to the county dumpsters when leaving the ranch.

III. Communication: “Communication is not nearly as much a matter of skill as it is of attitude. When our attitude is one of…humility, of love and interest…then that cultivates communication.”(Patricia Holland)

A. Major holidays are for immediate families only.

B. Visitors including scouts, youth and reunion groups must schedule time at the canyon and complete the “Hold Harmless Agreement” form prior to scheduled event. Scheduler will post information on calendar. Individual families are encouraged to post their schedules also.

C. Church and Scout groups must follow standard Church procedures such as permission slips and tour permits.

D. Mixed singles staying overnight should be chaperoned.

E. Report any anything unusual or questionable to ranch manager or board member. You are the eyes and ears of SCI safety and well being. Your communication is valuable.

F. SCI will provide a “Hold Harmless Agreement” for individuals and groups visiting Wilson Canyon.

IV. Unity: “Unity of purpose, thought, and feeling are exalting qualities. When we can put aside our differences and value each others’ strength, great things happen.” (Mary Ellen W. Smoot, “Developing Inner Strength,” Ensign, May 2002, p. 14)

The following items will promote a unified experience for all visiting at the canyon.

A. Be sensitive to the needs of others. Our actions or activities should not impact the enjoyment of others.

B. Get acquainted with others who are at the canyon when you are there.

C. Cabins

1. Facilities and equipment are to be maintained and in good working order.

2. Cabin owners should have a recorded lease and insurance for their cabin and personal properties.

3. Rodent control will be maintained by each cabin owner.

D. Water Use:

1. Avoid outdoor watering during daytime hours when large groups are at the canyon.

2. Only the ranch manager or someone directed by him will control water pressure valves

3. Water slide activity must be monitored by parents of children using the slide. Guests must be monitored by those who invited them. Water to slide must be turned on and off after use. Other valves in slide area are not to be played with.

E. ATV and Vehicle Usage

1. Operate on existing roadways only.

  • Observe speed limit of not more than 20 mph while on the property. 5 to 10 mph in the cabin areas for safety, dust prevention etc.
  • Safety rules regarding ATV usage are to be observed. Children under 12 are not to operate ATV without an older person accompanying them.
  • Observe forest service rules when on forest land.


  • Repair and upkeep of the Bathhouse
  • Maintain firewood and cleanup around bathhouse
  • Water heater (Geronimo) cleaned and in good repair (must be someone who understands it)
  • Rodent control around common areas. Cabin owners responsible for own units
  • Bowery cleanliness and proper usage
  • Upkeep of gravel on roads in common areas
  • Upgrade sports and activity centers. Donate and install equipment
  • Maintenance of water slide, steps, pipes and surrounding area
  • Review and post rules for pond use. Help teach safety. Only catch and release fishing
  • Participate in community fire prevention procedures. Information available in each cabin
  • Establish fire hydrants in common areas. Donate fire equipment and storage boxes to house equipment
  • Erosion control on hillsides
  • Trash pickup

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