Service Project

Ongoing FAMILY Service Projects:

• Be in accord with Grandmother Wilson’s request that a minimum of 1/2 hour service be done during each visit to the Canyon.
• Maintain and improve the property by involving family members so they feel ownership and will take pride in being good stewards.
• Develop a feeling of responsibility to future generations.
• Select projects that actually make a difference.

Ideas to Consider:
• Most projects that will make a significant improvement cannot be accomplished in a couple of hours at reunion time. Many who could help will want to be involved in reunion activities.
• Some projects could allow for two or more families to work together, even take a large project and a small one, etc.
• Have opportunity to ask questions for clarification and obtain any guidance and approval needed for your plan.
• Hopefully develop an ongoing approach of families doing service each year. When families desire to provide some service on visits to the canyon they will have their own project to work on and be aware of and prepared to do what needs to be done.
• Small projects could be chosen by those living some distance away so they can participate without extensive travel cost and inconvenience.
• Some families may choose to not participate due to distance, or other circumstances, but if most of the families do participate, we’ll be able to accomplish work that is needed.

Duration of Service:
• Ongoing…till death do us all part. 🙂

Suggested Projects:
1. Clean Up Frisbee Golf Course.
2. Repair and Maintain the Bathhouse.
3. Clean up Trash.
4. Paint Property Boundary with Orange Paint.
5. Gravel Roads in Common Areas.
6. Thistle Removal.
7. Sawmill demo or repair.
8. Collect and organize all old farm equipment.
9. Upgrade sports and activity centers. Donate and install equipment.
10. Install new posts and fencing around old Garden.
11. Organize and clean up the Bone Yard.
12.  Organize and clean up/dejunk storage shed
13. Maintain and improve the water slide, steps, pipes and surrounding area.
14. Check and Repair Current Fencing around property.
15. Remove willows from around ponds.
16. Construct a bona-fide Boy Scout, and/or Girls Camp Area in the vicinity of the old sawmill shed with the intent that when or if they come to Wilson Canyon that this be their camping area.
17. Cleanup and repair the grizzly and settle pond areas. Explore the area to recommend where the continued pipe or ditch should be placed to join with the existing ditch to the first pond on the SCI property.
18. Name the activity areas such as; Frisbee’s golf course, softball field, volleyball court, horse shoe pits, and basketball play area.
19. Identify and receive approval from board president for a project you recommend be added to the list.