2018 Schedule

Reunion Schedule – Aug 3rd – 5th (Friday – Sunday)

*All activities will begin at the Bowery unless listed different
1:00 pm
Service project for all who can participate. We will do two projects, working on fencing and clearing/denuding the pond dikes.  Bring shovels, picks, rakes, pruners, etc. for this activity.
5:30 pm
Dinner on your own
6:30 pm
Wilsons have talent – please have 1 talent per original 13 families 
7 am
Wilson Canyon fun/torture run
8 am
Breakfast – on your own
9:30- 12:00 am
Kids Games
12:00 noon
 Pot luck luncheon at the Pavilion
1:45 pm
Ancestor Trek
6:30 pm
Dinner at the pavilion
8:00 pm
Buzzer Mania – Bring your smarts and bone up on your knowledge of ancestors, the original 13, and general subjects.



10:00 am
Church at Hatch,or alternative Sabbath Meeting without the sacrament at the Pavilion for those not choosing to go to Hatch meetings. Canyon meeting time to be determined at reunion. Hatch Ward has said send all you can to Hatch. Casual attire acceptable at both meetings.